Therapeutic work

Therapy is unwinding. It’s all about finding inner calm.
Good therapy is a mental superfood to (re)find balance in your self.
It’s about insight in what motivates you, to where you want to be head.
It’s about having a new experience, so that you (again) can feel at home within yourself.

How do we do that? Simple: we talk.
Talking has many hidden properties that give the mental superfood called therapy its power. Therapeutic praten is not just exchanging thoughts.  It’s curing yourself with the help of your own psychic functions, to cite Frederik van Eeden, a 19th century famous Dutch psychiatrist and writer and one of the first to do research on therapy process in the world.
Therapeutic talking is an intentional exchange between two affect systems. It forms reorganisation in your brain as well as food for your curiosity.

Therapie is a dish full of possibilities. I will regularly lay out the possibilities for you.

If you want we can formulate objectives together, but of course it’s also fine if you leave that to me.

I am responsible for a clear plan. Based on that plan we can agree on what can be achieved in, say, 3 sessions, what in 6 and which problems you bring might take more time to dissipate truly and definitely.

With subjects that require such a longer process we establish ‘click-points’, for example after every three sessions.  Each time we establish what we have achieved and whether we’re still heading in the agreed direction.

You can also go for an open ended process. That means that you leave keeping an eye on underlying objectives, plan and direction up to me. Our talks get their content spontaneously.

In each case a session is entirely your space and yours only; that in itself can be a relief.

In all cases I check constantly what we have agreed upon.

The plan is, as I said, my responsibility, you manage what you choose from the ‘menu’: we can talk, we can practice, we can clarify things, we can also leave things open and see what unfolds.

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