Done therapy before

“Precious is the wisdom achieved through experience” (Roger Ascham 1515 – 1568)

You can cash in on previous experience with therapy.

Regularly I get clients who have already done a therapy process or who have done workshops and are used to explore their own internal world; there also are people who have done trainings  or courses for insight in internal dynamics.

Things go faster, insights go deeper. That is ‘cashing’. ‘Cashing’ is surprisingly extra profiting from earlier trainings, retreats or therapy. Things go three times as fast because of being experienced at this kind of processes.

There can be more (hidden) results than it seems

It may sound funny, but generally workshops, trainings, courses, retreats do much more for you than they claim to do. Also much longer.  Sometimes for good, alas sometimes also for worse.

Whether repair needs to be done or not: in principle there is emotional ‘capital’ won in previous therapy, training, introspection.  That capital will be redeemed in our cooperation.

The reason for that is th efact that implicitly there are profitable psychic functions that are developed on the way.  Psychic functions are for instance: the capacity to distinguish one feeling from another,  the ability to stay in contact with yourself while being in contact with an other, knowing what belongs to the present and what is actually the past resounding in your reaction.

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