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Therapy at the Praktijk voor Integratieve Psychologie is based on a model of integrative psychotherapy. Primarily this model strats from working in, with and through the therapeutic relationship. I combine DSM-differential diagnosing with four orientations:

– Transactional Analysis (classical) for interaction patterns and ego-functioning,

– Self Psychology (mainly in terms of adaptation, realiteity finding, affect-aspects, integration, I-You boundary, self esteem, self agency) for thinking about the relation of the self in contact with the Other and the world,

– Object Relations for tracking internal interactional working models and for  developmental work.

– Neuroscientific insights about affect (dys)regulation using insights of Allan Schore, Stephen Porges, the affective neuroscience-ideas of Jaak Panksepp, and the interpersonal neurobiological ideas of Dan Siegel to name a few.

The work in the consulting room starts from the thought that a so-called intermediate experiential space (Winnicott) gets established throught co-creation, so that the dynamics of psychic functions of the client can be explored.

The work is being done from a combination of thinking in terms of inner conflict as well as in terms of deficiency.

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