In principle I am a business-coach;  the accent is on the person’s functioning in a professional relationship.

Employees, self-employed professionals and entrepeneurs with bigger companies all bring their issues. Coaching is for me about the person, given his or her role in an organisation.

In the 20 years life time of the Praktijk voor Integratieve Psychologie, many economic sectors have ‘passed by’: aviation industry, education sector, entrepeneurs, the banking, transport sector,  healthcare, museums, IT, research institutes, you name it.

Each sector, each organisation even, brings a unique kind of pressure upon the person who works there. The pressure as a result from a working situation therefore, has a specific personal edge, yet as far as I’m concerned it also needs to be viewed from a systemic point of view.

Next to being a therapist I also am trained in business administration  (Erasmus Universiteit) an dI have experience in organisational consultancy; besides, I am trained specifically as a counselor (Instituut Shmukler & Stern, Utrecht).

I am, therefore, versed in both the systemic angle as in the organisational considerations of employers.

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