Claire Nelissen

My loveletter to my profession would be about the silence.

A profession-of-talking  and silence? Yes: thirst for silence, for inner calm is in fact what I encounter on a daily basis with clients. Not having this yacking in your head, telling you that you are doing thís wrong and whether you haven’t handled thát stupidly?, but tranquility, freedom, equanimity and contentment.

I have witnessed people acquire inner calm and even after 20 jaar that still is a moving thing to see.

What brought me here? After years of consultancy and trajectories of organisational change as art historian (Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht) and MSc Bursiness Administration (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam), I seeked to acquire more insight in the human being in the organisation. I did a training as a Transactional Analyst counsellor (Advanced Transactional Analysis Training Programme – Shmukler & Stern) with Erika Stern and Diana Shmukler, two role models and inspirators up until this day.

They ignited a deeper aspiration, which lead to courses trainings in psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute in London, a centre of excellence of Middlesex University. I graduated as an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy and got a Postgraduate Diploma Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy there.

This way I have since 20 years expanded my consultancy/coachings practice with clinical work as a UKCP*-registered therapist.


‘The Professional Identity of Psychotherapy vol. 7, no. 1 (2010), The British Journal of Psychotherapy Integration

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[This theory is at this moment being tested through research about 6 years of disciplinary rulings about mental health professionals in The Netherlands (not yet published).]



*UKCP = United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy –

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