Testimonials 2018

The Teaching was again an inspiring experience!

Here are some reactions (translated from Dutch):

“Quality-filled training, fit for all kinds of  therapists and coaches. This provides deep insight in how to understand your patients or clients” (Chris Sterckx – acupuncturist)

“When science meets passion, magic  arises. This is what I have experienced in this training in many respects. Claire en Linda do complement each other while protection and permission come first. This substance is suitable for anyone who works with people. ” (Tin Vanderhoeven CTA-O – coach and organisational consultant)

“Super-expert women who really own the subject-matter  and who convey insight, knowledge, competence  which the whole world “ought to” know: mothers, fathers, therapists, trainers, coaches, organisations, educaters: everyone. Especially because the world would then be a better place for everybody. This training contributes to such a world!” (Antoinette van Reekum)

“Valuable part within the substance of TA! Contributing to my personal and professional development! Good theoretical exposition and possibilities for  practical learning.”

“I have attended the training ‘Embodied Psychotherapy & Coaching’. I have learned the method and through the theoretical part, facilitated by Claire Nelissen, I now understand thoroughly why this method works so well.  I also now understand what I do when I practise the method. I can now recognise bodily signals acutely and I understand also the meaning of these in the development of the client. This helps me in diagnosing and in drawing up a treatment plan. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this training for sure.” (
Jolanda (Nederland))

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