Teaching in 2020

In 2020 I will be teaching two modules of the training “Embodied Psychotherapy & Coaching” at the trainings institute of Linda Hoeben in Hoegaarden, België.

We will meet once half-way the training and once near the end of the training.

In June 2020 I will be teaching the familiar neuroscinetific programme. This is an underpinning of body work with severe affectregulation problems. We will discuss recent findings in this field. Through practicing you’ll get litterally a feel of the material that is being taught.

In the second module, which I will teach in November 2020, we will get hands-on experience, by discussing actual assessment (diagnosis and treatment direction): what does a developmental problem in the attachment circuits look like in practie? How do I know it’s there and how do I use my own internal experience to know that?

The training will be given in Dutch, yet tailor-made solutions are possible.

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