Testimonials 2019

(translated from Dutch)

“Calmness, connection, awareness and integration are for me the core of my learning experience during the 5 days Embodied Coaching & Psychotherapie with Linda and Claire.
Both experienced psychotherapists embrace you with their love, empathy, wisdom and knowledge in order to step on your own into knowledge integration and growth.
It’ll be alright! Is the healing message for us as individual and for anyone and each of us as part of bigger systems and organisations.” (Fenya ten Kortenaar, consultant)


How did you experience the teachers?

“Both masters in their profession. Also complementing each other.”

“Top. Both rich in knowledge and experience. And their tranquillity and regulation offer a great amount of safety”

“Warm. Safe. Potency protection permission! Much space for learning from vulnerability.”

“Claire: clear, thoughtful, comprehensive and lovingly.

Linda: thoughtful, clear, concise and lovingly”

“Claire is a master in explaining this complex material straightforward and sensitively. It becomes living material to apply directly. Linda provides so much safety during these days. Clear contracts and adequate boundaries to be able to digest the teaching and to apply it in my work”

“Professional, much much experience, accessible, beautiful cooperation (reinforcing each other)

More comments (in Dutch) on Linda’s site: click  hier (scroll to the bottom of the page)

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