Teaching 2018 has been inspiring!

A fascinating interactive program about the use of neuroscientific research for daily practice of coaches and therapists.

Gallilei mentioned it: ‘You can’t teach a person anything; you can only help them to discover it for and in themselves.’  And that is exactly what we are going to do: work from cases brought by participants.

In our 5-day training in Hoegaarden, Belgium 25-29 June 2018 we underpinned practice with theory ( and vice versa).
Linda Hoeben worked with participants, teaching her unique method, in which she seamlessly combines body work with Transactional Analysis. Linda offered a choice: either work in the form of an actual therapeutic session or work from a presented supervision issue.
Claire Nelissen has provided two days of neuroscientific thinking around consulting room issues: how might body work actually produce the effects it produces? How can I find a framework for analysing things? Participants bring their own cases, experience and questions.

This workshop will again be given in 2019; it is for everybody who would like to get more versed in body work in combination with interpersonal neurscience à Allan Schore, Dan Siegel en Jaak Panksepptio name a few.

Participants can:
·     bring their own cases and get supervision.
·     bring their own personal developmental edge and work with it ‘hands on’.
·     work directly with a therapeutic issue of another participant and get supervision about that work from Linda.

Neurosciences and psychotherapy? Read more here

More information on Linda’s site: here

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